BOIPEBA - Bungalows
Dendé Loft is located on Outeiro beach (at the end of Boca da Barra beach) just before the trail leading to the beach of Cueira.
All bungalows are independent and designed to offer comfort and relaxation, as well as absolute tranquillity, being fully immersed in nature.
The bungalows consist of a large 30-square-meter room with charmingly simple and functional furniture.
Both the furniture and the furnishings are made by local artists.
Guests will be able to enjoy contemplating the sky, ocean water and palm trees framed by their window while lying comfortably in their large bed. A ceiling fan and a mosquito net are provided for greater comfort.



As well as a traditional shower, the large bathroom has an ofuro next to the window overlooking the sea, providing a soothing and energizing bath, totally isolated from the outside world.
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