1.3.1 (08/11/2010)
-possibility to show principal guest surname in all reservations table if different from client surname
-possibility to show detailed extra costs when checking availability
-possibility to show not available rates when checking availability
-variable [email_already_sent] with "sent status" (1 or 0) in document emails
-spoken language in clients data and possibility to show different document depending on language
-when searching a client, also show current year reservations in the table
-changed "internet templates" phrase to "website pages"
-possibility to calculate statistics without commissions and/or taxes
-possibility to apply commissions on rate+discount and on rate+discount+extra costs
-deposit calculated as first x nights
-search a reservation number from top bar menu in simple theme
-titular client nationality statistics
-fixed bug: discount not calculated on "RevPAR without extra costs" in statistics
-possibility to hide money of deleted reservations in all reservations table

1.3 (04/06/2010)
-multiple languages (as available in lang dir) for descriptions of rates and apartments and comments for photos
-return to the last layout of table with all reservations during session
-"point of sale" to rapidly add extra costs to current/checked-in reservations
-extra costs categories for grouping them
-groups in "schedine alloggiati" document
-html invoice in document examples
-special document variable [repetition_error] that can make a reservation/client not shown in repeated documents
-reservation insertion date in document variables
-possibility to automatically create saved documents at checkin or checkout
-possibility to view documents from below the clients table
-special document variable [error_message] that when set an error is shown instead of the document
-save documents with a different name from document name and share the progressive number with other documents
-possibility for a document to use variables and conditions from another document instead of its own
-automatically apply an extra cost (daily type, lower id first) as extra beds when number of people requires it
-use daily prices stored in reservation when changing only arrival or departure dates
-use document provided taxes values in default invoice document
-column to show saved documents in all reservations table
-select from "configure and customize" extra rows to show in all reservation table
-possibility to insert deposit and commissions as % of the rate when inserting and modifying a reservation
-insert default and daily commissions for rates, calculated and shown in documents and all reservations table
-insert percentage VAT for rates and extra costs, calculated and shown in documents and all reservations table
-fixed 2 bugs in assignment function (one of them only with groups of reservations)
-check for payments and documents in previous years if the reservation was inserted in previous years
-custom periods in drop-down menus are now kept when creating a new year
-table to see all documents saved, delete last and upload a new one
-templates with documents are created again when documents order is changed

1.2.2 (02/12/2009)
-added "informativa sulla privacy" text document to Italian default documents
-possibility to ask to accept an agreement from an html or text document in availability template
-fixed bug: variables of payments and extra costs not defined in documents

1.2.1 (24/11/2009)
-possibility to choose predefined themes instead of custom html in internet templates
-framed mode in internet templates with possibility for an external css file
-replaced extended regular expression functions with perl regular expressions functions
-possibility to use lists of nations, regions, etc. from a normal user in internet templates
-better memory management when viewing and restoring complete backups
-description and photo urls for apartments and rates
-added 2nd and 3rd code for nations, regions, cities, etc.
-modify guests from a group in 1 page
-page to modify a reservation on 2 columns if there is enough width
-keep old dates intervals in dates menu when dates are added
-fixed bug: error when modifying the discount of a group of reservations
-fixed bug: wrong rates shown in rates table when there is the privilege to view rates from groups
-possibility to show floor and house in all reservations table

1.2 (25/05/2009)
-when a daily extra cost is used as minimum stay (applied in permitted periods) check also the days when it is applied
-return to original page when making a login after an expired session
-nickname in clients data
-copy existing comment text when modifying a reservation and clicking on comment textarea
-order by apartment in all reservations table
-create automatically new year on January 10th instead of 1st
-creating new year update imported reservations numbers in saved documents
-creating new year import also messages, res. payments, payments and receipts inserted in created year
-possibility to make an item needed for checkin when adding it to an apartment inventory
-encrypt clients' credit card data with ssl public/private keys
-fixed amount as deposit
-automatic version update with non-interactive logins (interconnections)
-privilege to create backups for normal users
-automatic source download and update for subordinated installations
-transition from GPL v3 to Affero GPL v3 license
-documents saved with current year date instead of main menu year if new year has not been created yet
-possibility to attach the same attachment to different emails in documents
-show warning when sending a document email with a subject already sent to the client
-percentage discount or final price after discount or daily price after discount
-replaced "close apartments" with "nearby apartments" in English translation
-in all rates table group dates and prices with drop-down menu dates (also when modifying)
-possibility to show only selected rates from all rates table and from current dates
-possibility to change the order of rates
-added "schedine alloggiati", "ISTAT C/59" and "alloggiatiweb file" to Italian documents examples
-possibility to edit already inserted documents conditions
-fixed bugs: possible problems when inserting and modifying reservations in close apartments
-new document action to don't evaluate conditions until next "resume" action
-composable document conditions: "always" or "if" (multiple and/or); the action; all repetitons or not
-assign predefined values to a document array with a condition action instead of assigning them at array creation
-added an invoice and receipt in rtf and an enquiry reply and confir reservation emails to documents examples
-limits for parts to be shown only if a condition on a variable is met in documents text
-separate documents examples for each language
-"view document" and "modify as a group" for selected reservations only in all reservations table (simple theme)
-possibility to view documents from month table
-possibility to change the order of documents
-added structure data in "cofigure and customize": type, name, address, telephone, fax, vat number...
-vat number in clients data
-possibility to change the apartment list of assignment rule 2 from x days before arrival
-fixed bug: problems with inventory of apartments not named with a number
-possibility to multiply rates prices by number of people (without extra beds)
-moved images and themes directories outside includes and added base.css
-fixed bug: deposit calculated on total price when modifying a reservation

1.1.1 (16/11/2008)
-renamed backup file to phpres_backup.php
-possibility to modify singular rates when modifying a group of reservations
-possibility to replace variable texts and other new conditions in documents custom variables
-possibility to add variables and conditions to a sigle document
-added arrays of document variables and possibility to repeat them in the document
-added selection_starting_date and selection_ending_date to document variables
-if possible lengthen php timeout when making or resoring a backup or updating year and database
-display backup creation date if a backup file exists
-menu bar shown after sending a document email
-serch client surname and email from drop down box in simple theme menu
-possibility to display extra costs with same characteristics grouped in drop-down menus in insertion
-possibility to delete items from inventory when an extra cost is inserted
-incompatible apartments in extra costs (not for automatically assigned)
-fixed bug: sometimes not possible to modify reservations in close apartments
-assign automatically extra costs also between minimum and maximum days
-refill missing inventory items from stockrooms and apartments over minimum
-copy inventory from an apartment to another one or to the ones from a rate
-fixed bug: dates menus files not created when importing privileges
-inventory for normal users
-possibility to move up and down conditions on custom document variales
-identity document region and city in clients data
-plain text document format
-added reservation_repetition_number, carriage_return and new_line document variables
-fixed bug: error when restoring some condititions from a documents backup
-set prices to NULL if blank value is inserted in rates table

1.1 (26/06/2008)
-possibility to delete all messages sent before or after a given date
-possibility to import templates from a directory to another one
-possibility to include templates in backup
-renamed internet templates (removing "template" word for "tpl")
-possibility to create multiple templates in different directories
-possibility to delete a single template
-apartments and stockrooms inventory
-warning and overwrite when saving a document for a reservation that already has one of the same type
-all reservations table: clicking on a field selects all rows with the same value (simple theme)
-title in client's data (linked to gender)
-codes in lists of cities, regions, nations, documents and relatedness
-list of cities (with region id)
-fixed bug: occasionally wrong when checking availability from main menu
-calculate but do not show extra costs named only with spaces in internet templates
-statistics page
-condition to truncate document custom variables (and add characters if length is lower)
-arithmetic condition with 2 variables in document custom variables
-possibility to align availability with arrival dates in months table
-highlight also dates row when mouse is over the month table
-possibility to save all insert, update and delete queries in a log file
-possibility to delete a user without reservations, clients, receipts and reservation payments
-insert and modify rates and extra costs as normal user in privileges
-see profiles of users in same groups in all reservations table for normal users
-possibility to see and modify data from users of the same group in privileges
-possibility to simultaneously modify a group of reservations

1.0.1 (20/01/2008)
-fixed bug: input not checked when searching client in clients table
-fixed bug: error when modifying a reservation with close reservations
-inset prices weekly with a single weekly price with daily periods
-possibility to import privileges from a user to another user
-possibility to change settings for all users in "configure and customize"

1.0 (06/01/2008)
-new menus in simple theme
-fixed bug: sometimes could not move a reservation with close reservations

0.7.2 (26/12/2007)
-fixed bug: reservations not imported when creating a new year
-do not insert or modify a reservation if the rate has negative prices
-updated simple theme
-default apartments lists
-transition from GPL v2 to GPL v3 license (with update proxy)

0.7.1 (12/11/2007)
-reservation origin
-separated id from payment method in table with history of reservations payments
-fiscal code in client's data
-changed the word "contract" to "document"
-try to import prices when adding periods
-extended the maximum number of future months
-validated all pages as html 4.01 strict
-extra costs variables repetition for lists in contracts
-possibility to add inteconnection modules
-possibility to translate add-on modules
-if contract is repeated entirely and saved then save 1 contract for each repetition
-new "if" conditions for contract variables
-fixed bug: slashes added to surname when inserting new reservations
-possibility to align days and reservations in availability calendar in templates
-possibility to view only arrivals or departures in all apartments table

0.7 (04/06/2007)
-possibility to display currency sign before prices in internet templates
-nationality, city + region + nation of birth, type + city + nation of document in clients' data
-lists of nations and regions
-show the names of wrong extra costs in internet templates
-possibility to "always" associate an extra cost only in allowed periods
-possibility to save a contract with a progressive number, available also in the contract
-possibility to record reservation guests besides titular client
-added support for sqlite database
-fixed bug: wrong calculation of the hours to anticipate begun reservations
-possibility to have temporary reservations while still inserting them
-possibility to keep 2 or more reservations in close apartments

0.6.4 (20/11/2006)
-new condition to make operations on numbers in contract variables
-possibility to duplicate extra costs
-modify prices directly from rates table
-pop-up table to choose apartments for assignment rule 2
-possibility to automatically add extra costs when inserting more than x reservations
-possibility to automatically add extra costs based on days left from initial date
-assignment rule 4: insert by default the number of people associated to a rate
-added internet availability calendar template
-all internet templates now validate as html 4.01 strict
-dates row customization in months tables
-now also normal users can update the database
-change the number of rates also from prices insertion page
-change the client of a reservation with another existing one
-added extra costs to rates internet template
-possibility to delete all messages
-possibility to send a copy of the reservation request mail to the client
-grouped periods in rates table
-new condition to replace strings in contract variables
-fixed bug: not italian variables not defined in contracts variables conditions
-show an arrow for checked-in reservations in apartments, reservations and month table
-weekly prices insertion now follows the initial week day set in configuration

0.6.3 (04/09/2006)
-fixed bug: sometimes extra costs where not applied when inserting new reservations
-fixed bug: deposit and discount where set to 0 when modifying a reservation
-do not ask for the rate if there is only 1 in internet templates

0.6.2 (02/08/2006)
-rates table internet template
-contracts backup
-reservation code
-estimated arrival time in all reservations table
-sum_people, value_all_extra_costs, estimated_arrival_time and num_periods in contracts
-calendar date pickers
-moved dates and money format and money names from common data to the specific template page
-only requests with dates in the future are now possible in availability template
-fixed bug: not possible to set deposit and discount to 0 when modifying a reservation

0.6.1 (31/05/2006)
-show also in the database when there is subordination
-button from availability template to paypal template when present
-security bug: htmlspecialchars for input from normal users when inserted in database
-fixed bug: cound not send multiple emails from contracts
-fixed bug: client data not imported from availability template messages

0.6 (23/02/2006)
-import prices from a rate to another one
-choose the number of rows (apartments) after wich show again the dates row in months tables
-choose to select current reservations by default as customization of reservations table
-in reservations table use menus' partial dates in arrows when only 1 period is selected
-show deposit when checking availability
-possiblity to insert a reservation request in the users' messages from the availability template
-custom fields in availability template reservation request
-choose to ask client data, check-in hour and deposit payment method in availability template reservation request
-estimated check-in time
-possibility to show until last available date in database in internet templates
-fixed bug: year privileges not deleted when deleting year
-update internet templates when creating year or updating database
-possibility to change the directory where internet templates are created
-users messages system
-possibility to consider a contract as a rtf or a template for editable email
-fixed bug: error with alternate days in extra costs
-added client region and id, reservation number, rest to pay, last payment and all payments list to contracts
-possibility to change the number of contracts
-added custom variables with conditions on other variables to contracts
-view contracts of shown reservations from all reservations table
-possibility to set the repetition boundaries in contracts with more reservations
-contracts with many types and number of reservations
-moved contracts from files to database
-possibility to view only 1 method of payment in payments history table
-possibility to modify client's data after inserting or modifying it
-possibility to replace words of user interface
-try to free the apartment before deleting it
-improved performance of assignment function and added to it a time limit
-moved all includes in includes/ directory
-client region and identity document
-conversion to unicode utf-8
-no permanent connection to database

0.5.5 (14/11/2005)
-don't show reservations of previous year in all reservations table when all these reservations end
-possibility to automatically create the new year with the first login of the year of any user
-possibility to modify a reservation of previous year ending in current year from current year
-when modifying a reservation, updade also the corresponding next year reservation if present
-do not permit inserting reservations for next year if asked final date exists in next year
-delete imported reservations from previous year when importing in new year
-changed assignation in assignment in english translation
-possibility to use an extra cost as minimum stay (associate cost if "always" on)
-fixed bug: couldn't modify permitted periods of extra costs
-fixed bug: "continue anyway" didn't work when inserting reservations
-bug: when going back from inserting a reservation, a list of apartmens was selected if a rule 2 rate was
-possibility to change the day of end/start week with daily periods in tables
-added small link to show all dates in menus
-show availability overview in availability template also when requested period is full
-possibility to show only intervals of dates in some periods in dates menus
-fixed bug: not possible to restore backups with users with german language
-fixed bug: no availability overview customization for normal users

0.5.4 (08/08/2005)
-modify all apartments attributes from one page
-remember last dates selected when inserting prices
-auto-update to correct dates in javascript menus
-subordination with compressed backup
-Backup compression with gzip
-free apartments report in availability template
-link to php-residence home page from default templates
-free apartments report grouped by people they can host or by rule 2 in availability check
-possibility to add extra costs of insertion page when checking availability
-show only available rates when checking availability
-fixed bug: wrong dates with javascript menus in safari browser
-changed "fare" to "rate" in english translation
-fixed bug: not possible to create italian templates from other languages

0.5.3 (11/07/2005)
-edit contracts from browser
-dates menus with javascript in simple theme
-fixed bug: error when inserting "extraordinary" costs
-default to last values selected in the first page to create internet templates
-fixed bug: extra costs not deleted when deleting a reservation
-possibility to modify default phrases in availability template
-possibility to delete created templates
-use all default data from availability template if present when creating new template

0.5.2 (12/04/2005)
-fixed bug: not possible to make new installations
-use html data from availability template if present when creating new template

0.5.1 (09/04/2005)
-possibility to move back and forward when only 1 period is selected in all reservations table
-do not permit insertion of extra cost for selected fares
-possibility to move already begun reservations in full periods
-payment method
-do not show rows where some selected columns are empty in all reservations table
-possibility to deselect surname, starting and ending date and number in all reservations table
-hours difference from server time
-check-in and check-out for reservations
-added privileges for inserting more reservations at once
-bug: not possible to insert more reservations at once with fares associated to costs
-added privileges for deleting confirmed reservations
-possibility to delete payments history
-possibility to delete clients without reservations and payments (also all contemporarely)
-themes to modify aspect

0.5 (16/03/2005)
-bug: discount bigger than fare when inserting reservation
-limited number in time of wrong logins (no brute force)
-possibility to apply extra costs only in some periods
-possibility to put a limit to the number of an extra cost in week/day
-possibility to multiply extra costs by number of people (total or not)
-possibility to associate weekly/daily costs to some specific weeks/days
-possibility to automatically apply extra costs based on period length
-possibility to accordingly change extra costs when reservations are changed
-possibility to ask the number of people in availability template
-created file includes/costanti.php where some limits and behaviors can be set

0.4.5 (03/01/2005)
-updated to postgresql version 7.4.5
-fixed bug: error when creating new year with administrator login enabled
-fixed bug: not creating dates menus when importing users privileges from previous year
-fixed bug: reservations not moving in apartments without number of people defined

0.4.4 (06/08/2004)
-fixed bug: usa dates not available in contracts
-fixed bug: not calculating extra costs prices when modifying a reservation

0.4.3 (29/06/2004)
-fixed bug: installation in german continued in english
-fixed bug: could not create new apartments

0.4.2 (21/06/2004)
-fixed bug: error when restoring backup from a database type to the other
-fixed bug: error when importing privileges from previous year
-fixed bug: allow reservations with number of people in apartments without it
-eliminated notice warnings when not done in php.ini

0.4.1 (12/05/2004)
-possibility to consider all apartaments fixed
-interconnection: subordination to another php-residence installation
-changed backup.txt in backup.php for security
-user column in payments history and all reservations tables
-fixed bug: don't move already present reservations in periods of assignation rules 1
-import also the privileges and rules 3 from the previous year
-assignation rule 3: when admin inserts a reservation associate fares with users
-possibility for admin to change the owner of a reservation or client
-fixed bug: error when inserting or modifying the street of a client

0.4 (23/04/2004)
-user privileges
-secured all includes when admin password activated
-possibility to change the time when a reservation is considered begun
-possibility to move a reservation between already assigned apartmens
-insert and check availability for more reservations at once
-function arguments not passed by reference in function call
-locking tables and not files with mysql
-removed completely auxiliary tables
-fast access to users layout profiles for admin on table with all reservations
-user authentication with sessions
-possibility to change the default html when creating availability template

0.3.3 (07/04/2004)
-fixed bug: possible error in assignation function

0.3.2 (30/05/2003)
-translation in spanish
-possibility to delete years
-total of differences when changing selected reservations
-subtotal for selected reservations in table with all reservations
-insertion date field in table with all reservations
-extra costs modification page
-prices table for printing
-fixed bug: contract variables of other languages not defined
-fixed bug: when creating template only last fare name is used
-possibility to add a prefix to all tables
-improved performance of assignation function (including a bug fixed)
-sort by different fields the table with all reservations
-fare name field in table with all reservations

0.3.1 (25/02/2003)
-current dates selected in table with all reservations
-fixed bug: slashes in strings when inserting reservations
-creation of a template page to check availability from internet
-modular languages (add a dir in includes/lang to add a language)
-fixed bug: wrong dates in cotracts from "modify reservation" page
-fixed bug: couldn't see birthdates before 1970 on win32
-fixed bug: couldn't search clients with mysql
-unique id for extra costs

0.3 (26/11/2002)
-workaround for register_globals = off in php.ini
-motivation for rule 1 and insert reservation from check availability
-group columns in table with all reservations
-eliminated some pages when there was only 1 confirmation button
-checkboxes to mark all or deposit paid from "all reservations" table
-rows limit in reservations table and history table
-backup and restore data folders and database
-possibility to use mysql
-possibility to use an already created empty database when installing
-control write permissions on dati folder when installing
-arbitrary number of fares
-automatically assign extra costs only to choosen fares
-different deposit for every fare
-all includes now begin with ./
-substituted temporary tables with variables in liberasettimane function

0.2.4 (14/06/2002)
-fixed bug: possible error in assignation function

0.2.3 (30/05/2002)
-fixed bug: apartament not fixed for already begun reservations with daily periods

0.2.2 (10/04/2002)
-compatible with php3
-possibility to change surnames length in months tables
-internal changes to assignation rule 1 and assigning function for better performance
-fixed bug: inserting a new reservation you could choose only the last client of a list
-fixed bug: not considering old list of apartments when modifying a reservation
-fixed bug: was unable to free apartment under certain conditions
-fixed bug: change apartment name also in drop-down menu

0.2.1 (18/02/2002)
-view contracts from check availibility page
-search also surnames that contain the inserted one
-insertion of prices on a weekly basis for daily periods
-customize dates in drop-down menus
-possibility to change apartment name
-yellow color if paid=0 deposit=0 and confirmed

0.2 (04/01/2002)
-traduzione in inglese
-lock tabelle durante transazioni di inserimento e modifica
-prenotazioni giornaliere
-soldi con decimali e formato personalizzabile
-costi aggiuntivi nel contratto
-costi settimanale e finale come letto aggiuntivo
-tabella storia entrate-uscite
-assegnazione appartamenti in base alla tariffa (regola 2)
-possibilità eliminare appartamenti
-personalizzazione nomi contratti
-personalizzazione tabella prenotazioni
-costi aggiuntivi infiniti
-motivazione regola di assegnazione 1
-conferma prenotazione
-controllo disponibilità in appartamenti con dato numero di persone
-cambio disposizione cartelle anni e dati
-passagio di tutti i file .inc a .php
-creata la cartella contr
-altre piccole modifiche

0.1.2 (16/06/2001)
-Visualizzazione prenotazioni tra due date
-Creato aggiorna.php per aggiornare da versioni precedenti
-Ricerca per cognome del cliente nella tabella clienti
-Prenotazioni di tutti gli anni in modifica_cliente.php
-Creato il changelog